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Extruded 6082 aluminium gives durability, strength and stiffness whilst being able to resist the marine environment.


The extruded profile features rounded bottom corners to ensure any head scraping moments do not cause serious injury! The rounded profile also limits the damage done to the deck when the boom is inevitably dropped when packing away. The rounded profile does not make the boom any bendier than others available on the market.


2 aluminium through bushes have been used for soft attachment of blocks. Drilled through a neutral axis to resist bending forces.


Offset outhaul sheave to ensure maximum outhaul travel.


The outboard end is tapered to reduce overall weight, as well as reduce weight where it’s not wanted.


We have utilised an aluminium hook, to allow easy attachment of the outhaul primary line.


Comes with an outhaul calibration sticker.




·        Tapered end for weight reduction.

·        Blue through deck bushes for soft attachment of blocks.

·        Multiple rigging options for outhaul.

·        Stiff and strong.


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Allen Performance Boom


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